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The Smokey Canyon Story…

Pam and Dan Nusser’s fascination with BBQ has been lifelong. Dan grew up in the hill country of Missouri where BBQ is a way of life. Many of the dishes on our menu were every day fare on the farm along the river he called home. Pam’s grandparents were also from Missouri and fortunately, many of their down-home recipes were passed down to her.

When Pam and Dan decided to open a restaurant, BBQ, of course, was the natural choice. They went on a road trip across the BBQ belt of our great country, visiting both famous and little known BBQ places and listening and learning from the pit bosses as well as the restaurant owners. They took some cues from the Kansas City and St. Louis styles, other from the Memphis, and still more from the Carolinas. They saw a need for quality homemade freshness in the Riverside area and opened Smokey Canyon BBQ in 2007. Their desire is to fulfill this need by presenting truly delicious menu items with outstanding service to each and every customer.

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